by Cesare Pizzi & Jean-Lou Steinmann


Our ears perceive music as a continuous flow, made up of harmonies distributed over time.

Our eyes capture the images in real time and recreate the visual emotion.

This is our project-Twoflow-

twoflow is a creation consisting of a mashup of music and images. It is also a duo of Swiss origin created in 2016 by Cesare Pizzi (music) and Jean-Lou Steinmann (video). 

Cesare Pizzi is a historical and current member of The Young Gods. Jean-Lou Steinmann is a director and has produced and co-produced the first clips and a documentary for the group.

The music is composed of more than 500 elements. It is performed in real time while respecting the harmonies and tempos, this through a control surface thus leaving free choice of assembled sequences.

The images come from multiple sources and are reduced to loops format undergoing digital processing in real time. The musician is also filmed live and his image mixes with the loops. The video projection acts as lighting.

twoflow is resolutely dancing and psychedelic with a strong urban-jazz-clubbing influence, The 2 performers influence each other in a set of about 60 minutes and create a continuous flow giving birth to an improvisation mastered always in motion. Nothing is fixed, the work evolves according to the inspirations of each and the public influences them permanently. Everything is free of movement.

Between rhythms and algorithms

I have always oscillated between three areas of interest: music, technology and the influence of society in society. Along the way, I gained a triple background in Computer Engineering, Electronic Musician and Social Community Manager.

Fribourg, bassist at the Jazz school, computer scientist in the aerospace, prom musician with the mythical The Night.

Then Geneva, various music groups. Quickly with Franz Treichler, we create The Young Gods, which represents this meeting of music and raw technology.

A long time in the world of financial computing, automation, real-time networks and algorithms allows me to consolidate my computer knowledge. A Diploma from Community Manager, to better understand the impact of social networks on society.

The creation of a startup in the music industry, because I think the music needs an operation, an adventure still in progress ... with a priority patent

A new album with The Young Gods for this year and a return to the sources in Jazz with the project -twoflow- which materializes visual flows to the flows of Urban Jazz.

The musical work of the project -twoflow-
The musical work of the project -twoflow- How to create a reader who is listening to the musical planet? How to select a genre of music by tags, geolocated points and mix all by respecting the harmony and rhythm, in an automated way?

A universal jukebox!

An algorithm is certainly possible, but its implementation would be rather long, complex and expensive.

What if I did it myself, in a simple and accessible way? I would like to play the planet because our planet is musical.

So I started to locate jazz and funk radios on the net. I made a selection that corresponds to my tastes. I recorded about twenty shows over a short period of time, about 20 days. I had enough music to imagine what to do next.

A long work of listening began, imagining how to combine the whole into one work. Impossible, of course. I then reduced, extracted, recomposed parts, assembled sections and created a virtual instrument with which I could express myself.

-twoflow- a patchwork of urban-jazz that reflects the planet of December 2015. I can improvise the structure, play live and I love it!

The concept of this video creation consists of a mixture of images from multiple sources such as YouTube, existing personal images, specially created images as well as 3D animations created for the occasion.

These different images are reduced to the loop state and undergo special effect processing. These loops are then mixed live and broadcast on a giant screen behind the musician, also acting as lighting.

The musician is also filmed live and his image mixes with the loops.
This work is both "craft" and "psychedelic".

Jean-Lou Steinmann is a director, independent producer and founder of Mediateria. He has, among other things, the first clip of the Swiss rock band The Young Gods, "Envoyé", and then the clip "Rue des Tempêtes".

In coproduction with the TSR, he made a report about this group during his tour in the US, "TV Sky - The Young Gods US tour 1992". This report was chosen by the SSR to represent Switzerland at the Montreux Rose Gold Festival in 1993.

3D images

Multimedia creation, Reallusion Inc. 3D director .

Various audiovisual collaborations and co-productions.


Cover 10 sides

Order Single Vinyl Twoflow

Single – 2 tracks

Stay Longer  4:18
Your Beat      5:01

Limited edition of 300 copies
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Music and programming concept : Cesare Pizzi
VJ and visual concept : Jean-Lou Steinmann

Mix : David Weber @ Studio Forces Motrices, Geneva – 2018
Mastering : Lad Agabekov @ Caduceus Mastering
Additional drumming : Bernard Trontin
Bernard Trontin plays on Zildjian cymbals
Logo : Laurent Scotti

Label : SouthWest Records Geneva

CHF 15.-

+ CHF 6.- shipping costs


March 16, 2018

TWOFLOW – Cesare Pizzi, at Studio Forces Motrices, records 2 tracks of "TWOFLOW" project, "Stay longer" and "Your Beat" for a maxi single, which release is planned for the fall of 2018. David Weber does the recording and Bernard Trontin (drummer of the Young Gods) gives his rhythmic support on the title "Your Beat". Video directed by Jean-Lou Steinmann.




Bateau Lavoir Geneva 14.10.2017
Jazz Plage Hermance 19.08.2017
Studio rehearsal


September 6, 2018

La Makhno, 4 Place des Volontaires, 1204 Genève
From 9 pm, free entrance




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